F R I T Z   W H I T E 

Fritz White was born in Milford, Ohio near The Little Miami River, which borders Cincinnati on the east.  The River was a main thoroughfare north and south for the Shawnee tribes that were settled throughout Ohio.  From the artifacts that were common in the area, Fritz's interest of the Native American and their mythology was started.  He went on to attend the Unversity of Cincinnati Central Academy of Commercial Art.  Fritz is a member of the Cowboy Artists of America and a member of the National Sculpture Society.

Fritz shares his talents with others, teaching numerous educational sessions with young artists and conducting sculpture classes for the visually imparied. 

Fritz resides with his wife, in Loveland Colorado.

The Big Horn Galleries is pleased to represent Cowboy Artist of America member, Fritz White.


The Snowman

(edition of 25)

13"h x 7"w x 7"d


Snowblind - The Only Way Home

(edition of 25

11"h x 25"w x 9.5"d



High Anxiety


(edition of 25)

15"h x 10"w x 12"w



In Search of the Snow Goose


(edition of 42)

21.25"h x 15.5"w x 7.5"d



Double Jeopardy

(edition of 36)

27”h x 27”w x 12”d



Jesse Tanner Rankin- Lawman


(edition of 30)

18"h x 6.5"w x 33.5"w


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