S U Z A N N E  M.  M.  W A R N E R

A lifelong artisan, multiple degree-holder, teacher and museum administrator, Suzanne Warner's chosen craft for the past twenty years has been beadweaving. "Beads, buttons, fabric and small treasures have always held a special fascination for me," she explains. While living in Hawaii she learned the delicate art of shell weaving and later translated the skill of working with tiny shells to working with European glass seed beads and Japanese Myuki Delica glass cylinder beads. Today she credits her teacher, a full-blood Hawaiian woman from the island of Ni' ihau who spoke no English, as a major influence on her art. Suzanne's artistic inspiration comes "from the patterns, textures, and colors found in nature," she says. "The beaded amulet purses take from 40 to 200 hours to complete. I figure I have at least four heartbeats in every bead I use. I approach the work with the idea of making an heirloom, something that will be eternally provacitive." -Western Design Conference 2001 Source Book

The Big Horn Galleries carries several unique pieces by Suzanne M. M. Warner. Please call the gallery at (307) 527-7587 or e-mail us for more information.


Quartz and Red Amulet Bag

Hand Beaded: Antique Iris and

Delica Beads with Quartz

2.5"h x 2.75"w with a 23" adjustable drop



Southwest Buckle
Loom Woven Seed Beads Mounted

on a Leather Covered Buckle Blank

2.5"h x 3.5"w


Southwest Cuff With Button Closure

Gourd Stitch in Myuki Delica Japanese

Cylinder Beads Mounted on a Metal

Cuff with a Millifiore Chinese

Donut Glass Bead Button Closure

8.5"l x 1"w



Peacock Necklace Pendant

Hand Beaded: Pressed Glass Dagger,

Fire Polish, and Seed Beads with Agate

3.25"w x 3.5 "l with a 22" adjustable drop


Peacock Circle Earrings
Hand Beaded: Seed and Fire Polish Beads

1.5"l x 1 "w




Elk Basin Earrings

Hand Beaded: Pressed Glass Beads &

Sterling Silver

2.5"l x .5"w



Elk Basin Amulet Bag
Hand Beaded: Japanese Triangle,

Pressed Glass and Fire Polish Beads with Handmade Ceramic Button

2.5"h x 3.5 " l with a 26" adjustable drop





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