G R E G O R Y   S U M I D A

Gregory has been painting the American Indian and North American wildlife for many years and has enjoyed a successful career. He had his first painting in a gallery at the age of 15. His primary media are gouache, charcoal, watercolor, and oils. His styles vary from impressionism to realism to western to Japanese influence. We are pleased to offer his new paintings in a style reminiscent of Henry Farney.

Kuinaa Sound (Sound Of The Eagle)

Gouache on Panel

10"h x 8"w



Winter Pakantsukkih


9"h x 12"w


Muyatanka Song -
Song of The Flute


14"h x 11"w

Horse Kuna Camp (Fine Horse Camp)

Gouache on Panel

10"h x 14"w


Dog Wo'aih Camp


7"h x 10"w



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