C H E S S N E Y   S E V I E R

A great source of Chessney Sevier's artistic inspiration came from the simple beauty and lifestyle of the Nebraska Sand hills where she grew up.
Today, the Wyoming landscape and culture, where she calls home, evokes a similar calling to create. Her mother's career as an artist has influenced her to do the same. Since graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Chadron State College in 1998 she has been in pursuit of a career as an artist. She and her husband reside outside Glendo, Wyoming.

Chessney believes she has a responsibility to create art that is both pure and true to herself. Her work reflects her rural upbringing and heritage. She considers herself a "Contemporary Western Artist" since she express the American West the way she lives it everyday.
The majority of Chessney's work is a printmaking technique called copper-plate etching. This process allows multiples of the same etched image. Each print is considered an original since each one is inked and printed by hand. Chessney's print editions are limited to 30 or less.

Aside from printmaking, Chessney created both acrylic and oil paintings. Working primarily small scale her paintings are unique in subject matter and often depict small community life in the rural West.

Although Chessney is considered an emerging artist she has many awards to her credits. She has taken top honors in printmaking at both the nationally acclaimed Santa Fe Indian Market Show and the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market numerous times.



Intaglio Etching

(Edition of 30)

3 1/2"h x 3"w



Women's Work


16"h x 22"w


Boy At The Sale

Etching on Paper

(Edition of 50)

4"h x 3"w



Dog Study

Etching on Paper

(Edition of 50)

1.75"h x 3"w




Salt Lick

Etching - Intaglio Printmaking

(Edition of 25)

4"h x 5"w


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