S H E R R Y   S A L A R I   S A N D E R

Sherry Salari Sander

Sherry Salari Sander resides in the Montana countryside surrounded by a mini wildlife preserve, the setting for her home and studio. She draws much inspiration from animals seeking protection there as well as from extensive travel and research ranging from the Alaska bush to the African plains.

Among her awards, Sander was honored at the Thomas Gilcrease Museum "Rendezvous '95" with a retrospective exhibition. She also received the Artist's Choice Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show in 1995. Sherry won the Ranieri Sculpture Casting Award at the Allied Artists of American’s recent 95th Annual Exhibition in New York. The Ranieri award is presented by Ranieri Sculpture Casting, a second generation owned bronze casting foundry in New York City. Her large-size American Bison sculpture can be seen at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater and the High Desert Museum. The Denver Zoo and the Oklahoma City Zoo as well as the Benson Park Sculpture Garden and the Genesee Country Museum display her Gorilla sculpture. Huntly Lodge at Big Sky Resort features Sander's Grizzly; the National Museum of Wildlife Art exhibit her Foxes on the Bayou and The Bearded Ones; and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum presents her Herd of Birds and Wood Ducks on Still Water.

In 2009, Sherry recieved "Fellow"status at the National Sculpture Society.

Narcissus At The Pool


(Edition of 35)

10.5"h x 11"w x 11"d


American Lions

(Edition of 35)
15"h x 42"w x 10"d

The Salt Block

(Edition of 35)
15"h x 24"w x 7"d

The Honey Tree


  (Edition of 35)

16"h x 10"w x 7"w


Big Horn Sheep Bust


  (Edition of 35)

13.5"h x 7"w x 7"d


The Snow Chute


 (Edition of 50)

14.5"h x 6"w x 6"d


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