D A R C I E    P E E T

Darcie Peet

Originally from Oak Park, Illinois, Darcie Peet spent many childhood summers exploring the Chicago Art Institute and seeing special exhibits by artisits such as Andrew Wyeth. Traveling to Paris offered Darcie the opportunity to further study the art of the Impressionist, especially Monet. This experience has influenced her own art work and is apparent through the teeming color, energy, and endless dance of light and atmosphere. Having lived most of her life in Colorado and Arizona, her work is directly affected by the extraordinary diversity of the terrain, climate, seasons and light of the areas.

"Traveling between the Rocky Mountains and Arizona's desert Southwest, plein air painting or spontaneous field sketches initiate my unfolding creative journey... a collection of visual shorthand, emotions and sensations that are completed on-site or later translated and recast in the studio."

The Big Horn Galleries is pleased to present the Landscapes and Architecture of the Southwest by Darcie Peet. Please take a few moments to enjoy her work.


Hacienda Gardens


16"h x 16"w




Sonoran Sunrise

  30"h x 48"w


Red Sage Pathway


12"h x 12"w




Buffed by Morning Sun

  24"h x 18"w



Additional work by Darcie Peet.

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