R I C H A R D   M U R R A Y

The Big Horn Galleries proudly introduces the artwork of Oregon artist Richard Murray. Richard's life size and nearly life-size paintings depict the essence of the animal subject he has admired all his life. Integrating the frame as part of the painting, Richard's work focuses the viewer exclusively on the animal itself. His paintings are at once realistic, with a minimal, contemporary style and are captivating works known for their three-dimensionality. Born in Utah, Richard attended the University of Utah where his interest in painting figures and landscapes were originally dismissed by his instructors. Upon moving to Oregon, Richard re-discovered his love for animals and began his successful career in painting the creatures of the outdoors. We are excited to offer our collectors the opportunity to see and own these magnificent works of art by this artist.


32"h x 36"w

Moose Calf


61.5"h x 33"w




Black Bear Cub


23.5"h x 26.5"w






Oil on Panel

42"h x 67"w




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