K R Y S T I I  M E L A I N E

Krystii Melaine is passionate about life and about art. "I'm fascinated by the appearance and behaviour of all living things, and by the process of expressing what I see in oil paint on canvas. Light, colour, form and texture inspire my work, and the subtle gestures of people and wildlife provide an endless source of new ideas to explore. To capture the essence of a wild creature or the personality of a friend, and to share the wonders of life with others - this is what I live for!"

Born In Victoria, Australia, Krystii Melaine spent much of her childhood observing the wild birds and animals in the forests surrounding her home. After a highly successful career as a fashion designer, she returned to her life long passion for painting. Krystii spent five years of study in traditional tonal realism with the renowned Australian artist, Graham Moore. Drawing on Moore's 80 years of artistic experience provided her with a strong background in portraiture, still life and landscape painting. Her passion for wildlife and fascination for people became the inspiration for her paintings and Krystii is now recognized as one of Australia's premier fine artists. Her work is rapidly gaining recognition around the world, and is regularly exhibited in major art museums and world class exhibitions across the North America. Recently, she has painted the American West with the same accuracy and attention to detail as her wildlife work.

Krystii has won many prestigious awards in Australia and the USA, including The Painting Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, Wyoming in 2004.

The Big Horn Galleries is proud to welcome Krystii Melaine.


Grandmother's Fan

16"h x 10"w

Oil on Canvas





Through the Mist
8"h x 16"w

Oil on Canvas




Color Of Sky

Acrylic on Panel

30"h x 24"w



Monarch Of Autumn
Oil on Canvas

24"h x 36"w



Leaving Yellowstone
14"h x 26"w

Oil on Panel




Oil on Panel

18"h x 24"w



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