L A U R I E   L E E

Laurie Lee

Wyoming native Laurie J. Lee has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was very young. Laurie's interest in people and personalities has drawn her art towards realistic impressions. Drawing exclusively with her brush, the subject is completed first, then she moves outward creating a setting that completes the story.

Laurie has three children, and her works are often centered on the young, but she is not limited to any one theme. From landscapes to people, to rocks to water, her art touches on all. Laurie's art deals with the warmer and brighter side of life. Observing her works, it is hard not to enjoy an inner smile, an appreciation of life at its best.


Team Work

Watercolor on Panel

11.25"h x 12.75"w



Sage Creek Crossing

Oil on Panel

30"h x 24"w





Whoa Boy
10.5"h x 16"w


A Friend Indeed
15"h x 11"w



Oil on Panel

12"h x 18"w


The Road Home
24" x 18"

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