M I C H A E L   H A Y N E S

Michael’s “Uniform and Dress of the Corps of Discovery” paintings were selected as guides for the uniforming created for the National Geographic’s new Lewis and Clark IMAX. As the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition approached, Michael was commissioned for numerous paintings depicting the Corps of Discovery and their epic trek across America. As an example, a series of five paintings was recently completed depicting the Corps as an army expedition for the Army Corps of Engineers. Michael has been speaking on this topic around the country at the unveiling of these paintings. The North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center has an ongoing series of paintings that are being housed in their museum. The National Park Service selected a number of Michael’s images to be prominently displayed in their Corps II national touring project and the U.S. Postal Service has acquired the rights to print two images in a special commemorative booklet on York. The U.S. Army War College commissioned a painting from Michael in the spring of 2004 and the resulting print was gifted to President Bush after his speech at the War College and now resides at the White House. He was a guest speaker at the 2004 Prix de West Art Auction in Oklahoma City and the featured speaker at the C.M. Russell Western Art Auction in Great Falls, MT in 2006.

Michael Haynes lives on a small farm in Wildwood, Missouri with his wife and two daughters.  After attending Auburn University in 1977, Haynes returned to St. Louis and worked as a staff artist for the St. Louis Post Dispatch until 1978.  From there he started his freelance  career full time.  Michael has created commissioned artwork for such clients as Anhueser Busch, Civil War Times Illustrated, Time-Life, Miller Brewing Co., Warner Books and the National Park Service.

A lifelong interest in history has inspired his passion for historically oriented painting, and he is devoted to getting the look and details of a time period correct.  His experience as a horse wrangler and extra on such movies as Glory, Son of the Morning Star, and Far and Away, has given him further insight into these time periods.  Haynes was also a consultant for the correct horse tack and furnishings for Last of the Mohicans.

Traveling Fast


13"h x 23"w



  12"h x 9"w




Bank Robbery - 1866

  18.5'h x 27.5"w


Wedgewood Sunset

Watercolor on Panel
  24"h x 36"w


The Peacock Feather

Watercolor on Panel

24"h x 18"w


Santa Fe Trail Merchant

Watercolor on Panel
  16 "h x 24"w


Additional works by Michael Haynes

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