A N N   H A N S O N

Ann Hanson was born in Bremerton, Washington and grew up in rural Wyoming. She attended Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, as an art major. Hanson has been actively pursuing a career in art since 1986 and works mainly in oil and pastel. Her studio is located in her home, overlooking the beautiful Trapper Creek Valley at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains outside of Shell, Wyoming.

The subjects in her work reflect her love of the West. "The people and scenes I paint are my friends, family and neighbors doing what they do every day. The 'Wild West' may be a thing of the past, but cowboys are alive and well here."

Hanson says of her work, "I am partial to the subtleties in life. In my artwork I like to capture subtle movements, the expression on a face, or that fleeting second in time right before an event - which allows the viewer to come to their own conclusion as to the outcome. There are many others more capable of portraying events. I am concerned with the moment. "

Hanson's non-traditional use of pastels has won her numerous awards and recognition. Her submission to the 1990 Buffalo Bill Art Show - "Traditions" - was the recipient of the 1990 W.E. Weiss Purchase Award, making a part of the collection of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Chance Of Showers

Oil on Panel

6.25"h x 8"w


Morning Rounds

Oil on Panel

18"h x 36"w



Pam and Rooster

Oil on Panel

18"h x 24"w


The Red Scarf


13.5"h x 17"w



7th Heaven


11.75"h x 24"w


Go For The Gold


15"h x 19"w



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