J O H N   W A D E   H A M P T O N       1918-1999

John Wade Hampton

In the words of John Hampton's friend Don Hedgepeth, "John paints the kind of cowboys you don't see anymore. Tall crown hats, high topped boots, and slick fork saddles are the earmarks of a Hampton painting."

Big Horn Galleries is honored to be chosen as the gallery to offer the estate collection of John W. Hampton, CA. John "Johnny" Hampton was one of the four original founding members of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America organization. The other founding members were George Phippen, Charlie Dye, and Joe Beeler (the sole surviving member). John Hampton's infectious smile, winning personality, and true love of the West endeared him to colleagues, collectors, and friends for many years. His paintings and sculpture represent traditional Western Art at its finest and are a true reflection of the traditional cowboy way of life.

Please review the work and let us know immediately if you are interested as the paintings are one of a kind, and most of the sculptures are the last castings available. We hope the work of John Hampton makes you think of the Old West and warms your heart - he would like that. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in finding out more information about this artist or their artwork, please see our Contact page.

The Cowboy - 1880

48"h x 32"w



When Wagons Meet

32"h x 42"w

To view BRONZE SCULPTURES by John W. Hampton, click here.

If you are interested in finding out more information about this artist or his artwork, please see our Contact page.

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