M E L   F I L L E R U P

Mel Fillerup

Mel Fillerup is a Wyoming native, and currently resides in Cody, Wyoming with his wife, Ruth. They have seven grown children. Mel moved to Cody in 1952 to start his own law practice after graduating from law school from the University of Wyoming. Mel painted in his spare time while practicing law until 1975 when he began painting full time.

Mel's artowrk has been featured in Southwest Art magazine, American Artist magazine, the Buffalo Bill Art Show, and the Audubon Wildlife Art Show, just to name a few. Mel is a signature member of the American Indian and Cowboy Artists, as well as the Cody Country Art League.

Mel's new book The Artistry on Melvin M. Fillerup

by Carl Bechtold, as well as a showing of recent works.

Mel's new book is currently available for $59.95.


Beaver Pond and Lillies
12"h x 16" w

Snowy Aspen


36"h x 28"w



Heart Mountain Homestead
Watercolor on Paper

6.75"h x 9.25"w

Aspen Grove
20"h x 26"w

Yellowstone Lake After The Burn

10"h x 20"w

The Citadel
12"h x 16"w


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