K R I S   E I T Z E N

Kris Eitzen

"I received my bachelors degree in art from Colorado State University, graduating in 1988.  My concentrations are in graphic design and ceramics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

My interest in Native American History and art has led me to where I am today.  My style mimics the plains Indian ledger art.  Their works were created in the mid 1800's on lined ledger paper obtained from the white men that they had contact with.  Their drawings were very child like in appearance, mainly fro their lack of knowledge of European art,  but the depth of talent and information was immeasurable.  Their use of color adds to the charm of their work, but also points to a society that was very visual, incorporating color into every aspect of their daily lives. 

I originally became known in the art world as a gourd artist, painting ledger-style scenes on large gourds.  In 2004, I switched to flat work.  I found working on the round was becoming too limiting. 

My work was recently featured in the Southwest Art Magazine and can be seen in galleries in Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona."


  Prairie Presentation I                        Prairie Presentation II                    Prairie Presentation III


Acrylic, Ink, & Colored Pencil

12"h x 12"w

$2,600 set of three

$1,000 each



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