H e a t h e r  K i n k a d e

Heather Kinkade is the president of Desert Willow Gourds, a company that grew out of a desire to continue the hand graphics that she had refined over the last 25 years in the Land Planning and Landscape Architectural field. As time moves forward, hand graphics are replaced with computer graphics and this creative endeavor has allowed Ms. Kinkade to use the hand graphics talent she has gained in her professional career, to reference the multiple wildflower books she has collected from around the world, and to create innovative art from once living plant material.

Heather is currently continuing education in sustainability focused on water and energy:
2007 Certificate in Sustainable Technology and Management - two year program, Arizona State University
1994 Master of Environmental Planning, Arizona State University
1984 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Arizona
Registered Landscape Architect, Arizona, Nevada and Certified Nationally
LEEDTM Accredited Professional

She has also written two books:
Kinkade –Levario, Heather. 2007. Design for Water. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers.

Kinkade-Levario, Heather. 2004. Forgotten Rain, Rediscovering Rainwater Harvesting. Forsyth, Missouri: Granite Canyon Publications.


Bone Feather Gourd

Gourd (Bushel)


Flower Kettle
Gourd (Kettle)




Gourd (Bushel)

Cactus Clouds
Colored Pencil on Gourd

10"h x 13"d


6"h x 7"d




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