D I N O   P A R A V A N O

Dino Paravano - born in 1935 in Italy, immigrated with his family in 1947 to South Africa, where he lived for 44 years. Dino began painting at an ealry age, initially encouraged and tutored by his father. He attended the Johannesburg College of Art, but ultimately he is mainly self-taught. Dino has perfected the technique of using light, an element that is evident in all his paintings and for which he is famous.

Since 1968 Dino has held 15 solo shows in major South African cities, New York, London and Fairfax VA. He has had over 300 group shows in many countries, of which more than half were Museum shows. Has: 30 limited edition reproductions, illustrated 3 books, painted 7 Museum dioramas and works published in 12 books. Dino received 15 awards and is frequently fearured in magazine articles including: Wildlife in Art - Southwest Art - Sporting Classics - InformArt - The Artist's Magazine - The Pastel Journal - Wildscapes Magazine (UK).

In 1993, Dino Paravano was awarded the title "Master Wildlife Artist" by Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.

Back to the Ranch


24"h x 36"w


Bald Eagle Profile


12"h x 9"w


Cougar Encounter


21"h x 29"w


The Red Roof

Oil on Canvas

9"h x 12"w


Long Shadows

Pastel on Paper

19"h x 25"w


Sunday Outing

Oil on Canvas

20"h x 30"w


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