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We have created this new service, which we will try to update once a week to keep you informed about new developments at the Cody and Tubac galleries. It seems that people are willing to communicate as many ways as possible, and this is a new one for us. Please bear with us as we try to develop this new service.


August 12, 2009

The Gallery is exited this week, as artist Michael Haynes is visiting and presenting his discussion of his paintings of members of the Lewis and Clark expedition- "To the Western Ocean".

Michael presents his work through a lecture as part of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center's lunchtime lecture series on Thursday, August 13, in the Coe Auditorium of the BBHC, at 12:15 p.m. A book signing and an opportunity to visit with Michael will follow at the museum. We have proudly represented Michael's fine work for several years, and are especially proud of the fourteen paintings he coumpleted depicting each member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. We will be featuring Michael's work in the gallery. To see more of his work, please click on either the image above, or the one below.

Michael Haynes     Capt. William Clark Full Dress     Oil


July 13, 2009

It's been quite a while since we've blogged, here at The Big Horn Galleries, and with fairly good reason, I suppose. It's been a very busy couple of months. We had our Whitney Legion of Honor Show and our Summer Roundup Show and we sent out our Summer Roundup Catalogs. A few featured pieces:

James Bama      Northfork Winter      Oil      18"h x 24"w      $25,000

Reid Christie       Southfork Gold      Oil      9"h x 12"w      $1,700

Donna Howell-Sickles      You Make Me Laugh      Mixed Media on Paper      60"h x 40"w      $9,700

Linda Raynolds      Preening Bird      Bronze (AP of 2)      16.5"h x 12"w x 15"d       $2,750

Ty Barhaug     Keeping an Eye on the Competition     Oil on Canvas     37.5"h x 22.5"w     $10,900

Chesney Sevier      Women's Work      Oil     16"h x 22"w     $1,600

A Phimister Proctor (D.)   Big Beaver Torso   Bronze (Edition of 50)   15.75"h x 11"w x 10.5"d    $3,200

Ted Waddell      Ruby Mountain Angus     Oil, Encaustic on Canvas      30"h x 44"w     $11,250

This is just a small sampling of the work available from these two shows, but the pieces are going quickly! If you didn't get a catalog and would like one, simply visit our contact page for either our email address or phone number and please, don't hesitate to request that we send send you one. There are leftovers! Also, all of the pieces in the physical catalog are on the internet Summer Roundup catalog, which you can get to by visiting our home page and clicking on the Summer Roundup graphic.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! The Cody 4th was exciting as usual and went by without rain or too much shine. Thanks to Wilford Brimley for being the Grand Marshall of the Cody Parade.

Our Fall Classic will be here before anyone knows it. We'll be sure to keep you posted!

May 4, 2009

Darcie Peet   Fragments of Summer Rain   Oil on Panel   14"h x 14"w   $1,500

Hello again! The weather here in Wyoming has actually taken a turn toward that single season known as spring/summer. While snow/rain-storms still lurk around every corner and one never really knows if they will awake to a lawn of green or a lawn of white in the a.m., the air is definitely warmer. That bitter chill we have lived with for so long is gone, coats are being shed, windows rolled down, and it feels GOOD!

In conjunction, we here at Big Horn Galleries are starting to prepare for our summer season. We have a Summer Roundup coming up and the opening of the new Whitney Gallery at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center is in June. Needless to say, everyone is extremely excited. Watch for our catalog in the mail!

Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday! We've got some great works of art mom would love. Take a look at these:

Crystal Lenhart   Charra Bonita   Colored Pencil on Paper   15"h x 12"w


Carol Hagan   Baby Raven Tap Lessons   Oil   8"h x 8"w   $1,350

Check back in two weeks to see what's new, what's old, and what just had botox!

April 15, 2009

Happy (or not so happy) Tax Day!  And for others, it's only the filing of another extension with the end nowhere in sight. You know who you are ;) Another grand day has passed us by: Bob's birthday. Let us have a moment of silence in honor of the fact that someone else is getting older, not us...

We have some new work from Crystal Lenhart in the gallery. Here is a peek:

Crystal Lenhart   Colored Pencil   15"h x 10"w

We also have some new work from Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey.

Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey          French Dye onSilk          15.5" h x 17.5"w    

Please click on the art if you are interested in seeing more from either of these artists. Each has several new pieces!  Meanwhile, it is snowing again here in Cody and one can only hope that by the next time I check in with you, winter will be in true hibernation. Any bets?


March 30, 2009

I have been a bit remiss in adding news to the blog space because we have not had a a webmaster to update it properly. It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I introduce our new webmaster: Jennifer Goodyear-Bogard. Jennifer arrives with credentials in web design, graphic design, and all aspects of the internet. Jennifer, who was recently married, brings a host of new new talent to the gallery. Watch soon for our new web E-newsletter.


 Nelson Boren                 A Soft Heart                 Watercolor                  22.5"H x 60"H                  $10,500

It is springtime in the Rockies, which means heavy, wet snow and intermittent blizzards for Cody, but nice, warm days for Tubac, in which we kicked off the Fred Fellows and Nelson Boren show. We invite you to take a look at some great new work by both of these highly collected artists. To see Fred's work, click on his bronze and to see Nelson's, click on his painting.

Fred Fellows     An Honest Day's Work      Bronze     36"H x 31"W x 17"D     $30,000

                                                                                                    71"H  x 33"W x 17"D (with base)

January 16, 2009

Cochise Camp

Winter may be the major topic in the northern latitudes, but here in Tubac, Arizona, 70-80 degree weather is about as good as it gets.  As the snowbirds fly south once again, the gallery is preparing for the winter season with a variety of great new works by gallery and guest artists.  Watch this space for news of upcoming events and shows to be held in Tubac, and consider stopping by to see the new works and perhaps get in a round or two of golf at "Tin Cup's" home course-the Tubac Golf Resort.  Hiking and birding are huge activities in this part of the world at a time when most of us are heavily involved in shoveling snow and trying to stay warm.

Speaking of new works, Richard Iams, a Tucson, Arizona artist,  has outdone himself with some great new pieces-"Cochise Camp"  being the largest and one of the most colorful works at 40" x 60".  A chuckwagon prepares to feed a bunch of hungry cowboys under a beautiful evening sky in this spectacular piece.  "Red, White and Blue" depicts an Arizona cowboy-an icon of the old West, mounted on horseback in front of one of the colorful mesas of the Arizona landscape.  Be sure to take a look at Richard's work by clicking on his page.

We will soon be preparing for the Tubac Festival of the Arts by hosting a show for perennial favorite-Darcie Peet, and award winning sculptor of the Cowboy Artists of America-Fritz White.  We hope some of you will join us for the incredible event as this tiny art community swells with art lovers for the first week of February.


Blog update December 17, 2008

The Holidays are in full swing in Cody and winter is here. This past weekend saw temperatures plummet to -19 with highs below zero for 3 days. A Chinook is blowing in warmer air and we are a sweltering 22 above! The cold has not stopped us from sending out packages to our clients, and has not stopped artists from bringing in new works. Crystal Lenhart, a new artist from the Sheridan, Wyoming area sent us a beautiful small colored pencil piece of a young Indian girl, I will post an image as soon as our photographer can bail out his studio from a burst pipe.

Bob Pummill has sent two incredible watercolor paintings of mountain men. "Ashley's Men in the Wind River Canyon" is a wonderful tribute to some of the first white explorers in Wyoming, and "Hugh Glass and the Bear" is the other, smaller painting. Hugh Glass was the mountain man made famous by the movie "Man in the Wilderness". He was with a group of mountain men when attacked by a grizzly bear, mauled, and left for dead by his friends. He recovered and travelled over 500 miles to exact revenge on his comrades, only to change his mind at the last minute. This piece is a great rendition by one of our great artists of a legendary historical incident.

Reid Christie was back in the studio with a great new piece - "South Fork Gold", a beautiful oil of the sun setting over the south fork of the Shoshone outside of Cody. The pice is 9"h x 12"w for $1,700.

There is still time to invest in one of these or other quiality pieces to receive before Christmas. Call us if we can help.



Blog update December 9, 2008

Last Friday, December 5, saw the opening of the “Merry Little Christmas” show and sale at the gallery in Cody and the opening of the Luminaria festival at the gallery in Tubac. Cody’s opening included the music of harpist Amanda Olson from Billings, Montana. Her beautiful Christmas music added to the festivities in the gallery which saw over 250 people visiting with the artists and selecting art for their Christmas purchases. Tubac saw similar crowds for the traditional luminaria decorated community as they also assisted clients with selections for Christmas.

Ty Barhaug of Cody, who had already delivered 10 new miniature pieces, brought 5 more just hours before the opening. Some are shown here.

"Snake River Aspen Stand"

Oil, 6 1/2"h x 20"w


"Falls Changing Colors"

Oil, 6 3/4"h x 4 1/2"w


"Misty Valley"

Oil, 3 3/4"h x 7 1/2"w


"Red Aspen of the Tetons"

Oil, 3 1/2"h x 15 3/4"w


"River of Glass"

Oil, 8"h x 11"w


Click here to view more works by Ty Barhaug

Reid Christie, fresh from his success with the Cattleman’s Association also attended and brought in a new piece to add to his already terrific group of smaller works. All of the artists were pleased with the catalog for the show, and were excited about the possibilities for Christmas. If you have not received your catalog, email or call and we will send you one.

The other bit of exciting news is the beginning of the tradition of the Big Horn Galleries Christmas print. This year we selected the painting “Holiday Tangle” by Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey as the piece we would use to kick off our new tradition. A free miniature print is given to the first 100 buyers this Christmas season.

Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey

"Holiday Tangle"



Today, November 23, 2008 saw some interesting developments at the gallery you might like to know about. E. Denney NeVille brought in 3 new small pieces for our Merry Little Christmas show which can be seen by clicking here. Denney is excited about these new works-small as they may be, because he is using a palette knife to paint with. It gives a thinker, more painterly feel to some of his works- we hope you will like it too.

"September Sundown"

Oil, 11"h x 14"w

"Setinels At Sundown"

Oil, 12"h x 16"d

"Waiting for Hunters"

Oil, 11"h x 14"w

Kris Eitzen drove up from Colorado to bring several new peices and tell us about her success with 'ledger' art, a form of paintings designed to imitate the work of the Indians. Additionally, Kris' work painting scenes on Topographic maps have been very popular as well. See her new work here:


"Hot on Heals"

11 1/2"w x 13 1/4"w


"Pendleton Backdrop"

Acrylic, 23 1/2"w x 17 1/2"w


"Summer Mountain Hunt"

Acrylic, 22 1/4"h x 17 1/4"w



If you have any question,

please call at 307-527-7587

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